Owl City is fucking catchy as shit. If you try to argue with me on that point, like who are you?
  1. He has casual lyrics like "every mushroom cloud has a silver lining"
  2. The theme of one of his songs is literally transportation.
    He manages to musically tie together the Subway, a carriage, a taxi, a high jacked plane, a runaway train, a dirt bike on the beach, a sailboat on the sea, and of course using ones feet. Swoon
  3. The way he titles his songs is fire.
    The Saltwater Room, Vanilla Twilight, The Bird and The Worm, Dental Care? Like get out of here.
  4. He says stuff like.. "Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.. I'd send a post card to you dear because I wish you were here" before DROPPING A SICK BEAT.
  5. He's the sappiest most boss romantic If I guy told me "The spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly." Id throw up in a good way <3