Paintings Inspired by the Disco Era

Group Exhibition at Zhou B Art Center April 15, 2016 - Chicago. Curated by Didi Menendez and Sergio Gomez This is a listing of the artwork in the show. More images added soon.
  1. Sonne Hernandez
    Oil on canvas
  2. Daniel Maidman
  3. Suzy Smith
    Oil, silver and gold leaf
  4. Victoria Selbach
    Mixed media on on board.
  5. Daena Title
    Mixed media on canvas.
  6. Jeffrey Bess
    Acrylic on canvas @jeffbessart
  7. Daliah Ammar
    Oil painting
  8. Jan Brandt
    Disco Balls made from fabric and other materials for a hanging installation.
  9. Adrian Cox
    Oil painting
  10. Pauline Aubey
    Lego bricks on panel
  11. Sharon Pomales
    Oil and gold leaf
  12. Pauline Aubey
    Lego bricks on panel
  13. Erica Elan Ciganek
    Oil painting
  14. Victoria Selbach
    Acrylic painting
  15. John Walker
    Acrylic painting
  16. Nadine Robbins
    Oil on linen
  17. Debra Livingston
    Disco shoes
  18. Chris Kienke
    Oil painting
  19. Lacey Lewis
    Oil painting
  20. Michael Van Zeyl
    Oil painting
  21. Elizabeth Claire
    Oil on canvas
  22. Nick Ward
    Oil on canvas
  23. Kip Omolade
    Oil on canvas
  24. Melinda Whitmore
    Hanging Sculptures
  25. Shana Levenson
    @slevenson oil painting