Three artists recently published in PA have work going off to London for the final rounds of the BP Portrait Awards. The BP Portrait Award is an annual portraiture competition held at the National Portrait Gallery in London, England.
  1. Nadine Robbins
    Nadine Robbins' entry is of fellow poet Matthew Hittinger who is a regular contributor to PoetsArtists. The portrait of Matthew is in a series of work Nadine Robbins calls Bad Habits and Guilty Pleasures. It shows Matthew wearing a hat from his collection of the She Ra doll. This particular portrait has graced a couple of covers including the Immortality & Vulnerability issue of PA from last year.
  2. Melinda Whitmore
    Melinda Whitmore's entry is of her husband and fellow artist David Jamieson. The portrait of David was recently published in appropriately PA's Issue #72 which exclusively featured portraits.
  3. David Eichenberg
    David Eichenberg's work recently graced the cover of the realism issue guest edited by Frank Bernarducci. Portraits of Devan the model who is in the portrait selected by BP to be sent for further viewing has been featured on the cover of PoetsArtists previously. She is wearing a scarf in this portrait and it is beautifully detailed. David's work is rendered in smaller scale than other portrait artists.
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