My favorite places to eat a good Taco or Torta at the moment. Includes descriptions and stories for your full attention and entertainment!
  1. Don Rafa's Taco Cart
    Usually located in the parking lot of Rancho Market in rose park. First time I tried this place I ended up eating 10 full carne asada Tacos. I haven't been able to find this spot in 2 weeks, but I will find it again. I will explore every market parking lot until I find it. Trust me. Some of the best tacos you'll eat in all of Utah.
  2. Taco Taco
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    A little restaurant right by the SLC library. Conveniently located next to a bunch of other cool shops. Tacos are great, the quesadilla is amazing. Looks fancy, tastes like mercado food. Best of both worlds. Also, the cashier girl is always wearing the coolest sweaters. (Photo is my own. Taken inside of Taco Taco)
  3. El Morelense (Tortas Y Hugos)
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    Located inside the Latino Mall in West Valley, Utah. Still basically SLC because it takes about 7 minutes to get here from downtown. The al pastor Tortas are my favorite. I worked at this mall for a while and one day my friend Jehu brought me one and I'm now a regular visitor. You can get a good juice here too. While you're at it, visit all the spots inside this mall. Mexican ice cream, cowboy boots, and fresh produce. A súper feel good place. (Photo taken from Instagram user @duende_lounge)
    A little history about me and this place... I was hesitant to try it when I first heard about it. It's the truth. I had no good reason. This place is awesome. I seriously don't know how they make their elote bowl taste so good. I was always the kind of dude who thought corn should be made simple. Mayo, cheese and sometimes chile. There has to be some magic involved. I'm not complaining, though. Please, just check this place out.