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  1. Jenna Maroney
  2. Mindy Lahiri
  3. Ryan Howard
Inspired by @bjnovak
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The title isn't entirely accurate because once in a while I was told to change it up to "Hey, what's up!" Or "Welcome to the pier" (note that I lived in Buffalo, NY near no pier)
  1. Hollister may be the only American store that really objectifies men
    Every season the "models" (people on the floor; my last year they renamed everyone to "associates") had to have their pictures taken by managers to send in to some corporate office that would choose the most attractive guy (the guys posed shirtless) to stand outside the store shirtless for big events like Black Friday. If no one was deemed attractive enough they would send us a hot guy in.
  2. Those hot guys get paid a LOT
    Like hourly plus a couple hundred dollars for letting teenyboppers ogle them while eating an Auntie Anne's pretzel
  3. We don't ask people to work at Hollister because we think they're attractive
    We ask them because they literally are supposed to hire like 4 people a week (and then give them no hours🤔🤔🤔)
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  1. Listening to Bennie and the Jets (Elton John) and Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean) over and over again
    During the whole Frank Ocean is Building Coffins for All His Fans Who Will Die Waiting For His New CD fiasco Monday I did a lot of Frank Ocean google searches and found out that the piano line in Super Rich Kids is from Benny and the Jets and now I keep listening to them (is it sad that the only way I recognized Bennie and the Jets is because of the karaoke scene in 27 Dresses??)
  2. Black and White Square Photos
    I saw a picture on Pinterest of someone who had printed out about 100 black and white 4x4s and hung them in a rectangle on a wall and it seemed like one Pinterest project that I can actually handle
  3. Arthur Memes
    My two favorite things: the animated children's show Arthur and terribly vulgar Twitter/Instagram humor (this one's very tame)
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Oh Canada/ our home and native land🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  1. Drove from Boston and got in at 12:30
    Rallied and ended up club hopping
  2. Got my Tim Hortons ice cap fix at 4 am
    I'm from Buffalo so this was like participating in a quasi religious ritual after months of sin (by sin I mean drinking Dunkin ice coffee)
  3. Brunch
    This is about the time when we realized everything here is in French
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Ask me my favorite place in Boston and I'll tell you the Big Red high capacity car at 8 am. No joke I really love the MBTA (except for when it snows, when it's under construction, or when people breathe on me)! Not a complete list, currently in the process of the red line challenge.
  1. 10.
    Charles MGH
    There's a restaurant here that used to be a prison so that's charming right?
  2. 9.
    Gateway to Belmont, home of Ranc's, so it's 💯. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Apple Cinemas in walking distance. It's #9 because you still have to drive to Belmont, home of Ranc's (get the hydrox frappe, Boston speak for an Oreo shake).
  3. 8.
    Kendall/ MIT
    Find your poor man's version of Mark Zuckerberg here where Google, Facebook, and the school with geniuses across the river are located. There's also a Panda Express and the busiest Clover location in the city. Points for the Friendly Toast, one of my favorite brunch spots. Not quite enough points though because the wait is horrendous and they don't take reservations.
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I can't take tinder and bumble seriously
  1. Downton Abbey and Guy Fieri
  2. Lax Players and Tax Payers
  3. Sea Urchins and Geriatric Surgeons
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