My Laptop Stickers, Explained

In college, your laptop stickers tell people how cool (read- weird) you are (I make judgements based on what someone's stickers read) (read-I judge people with the Vineyard Vines whale)
  1. I've been in many classes and meetings where I notice people across the table looking at my laptop
    Or someone comes up to me and asks later what a sticker means
  2. Luke's diner
  3. I am team Lorelei not Rory
  4. Beyoncé pad Thai
    Probably the sticker I get the most questions about
  5. From the @mindy project ofc
  6. Central Perk
    I really can't believe I've had people ask what this is from
  7. What, like it's hard?
    The most Harvard I will put on my laptop
  8. Legally Blonde
    Because Elle is my spirit animal
  9. Part of a phi
  10. Alpha Phi
  11. A lemon with glasses
  12. Liz Lemon, 30 Rock
    Jenna is my favorite on this show though
  13. Feminist
    Because I believe in the radical notion that people, regardless of their gender, should have social, political, and economic equality.
  14. Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights
  15. Because girls are oppressed all over the world
    Exhibit 1
  16. Sonita, the Afghan rapper who rapped her way out of child marriage
    Exhibit 2
  17. Ugh, as if!
  18. Cher, Clueless
  19. Bernie Sanders
    The rest of the sticker didn't fit on my laptop front
  20. H
  21. Hillary Clinton
    Because even though I'm a Bernie fan, I will vote for whoever wins the democratic primary in the real election
  22. Selina meyer
    Another one that leads to confusion; many people think she's another candidate because of my Bernie and Hillary stickers
  23. JLD's character in Veep
    Still would vote for JLD though
  24. The dinosaur from "Yee"
  25. It's a meme (and a reference to my last name)
  26. Pawnee Goddesses
  27. A reference from Parks and Rec
  28. Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert
  29. Another Parks reference
  30. WHRB 95.3 FM
    The college radio station
  31. Listen to me if you're in the Greater Boston area!