1. Downton Abbey and Guy Fieri
  2. Lax Players and Tax Payers
  3. Sea Urchins and Geriatric Surgeons
  4. Pajamas and Llamas
  5. Potheads and Pita bread
  6. The Feminist Mystique vs Clinique
  7. Robots and Have-Nots
  8. Crocodiles and Skymiles
  9. Unicorns and Air Horns
  10. Fruit loops and Hula hoops
  11. Winnie the Pooh and Cafeteria Food
  12. Muffins and Puffins
  13. Crabtrees and Evelyns
  14. Abercrombies and Bitches
  15. Partridges and Ink Cartridges