1. Listening to Bennie and the Jets (Elton John) and Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean) over and over again
    During the whole Frank Ocean is Building Coffins for All His Fans Who Will Die Waiting For His New CD fiasco Monday I did a lot of Frank Ocean google searches and found out that the piano line in Super Rich Kids is from Benny and the Jets and now I keep listening to them (is it sad that the only way I recognized Bennie and the Jets is because of the karaoke scene in 27 Dresses??)
  2. Black and White Square Photos
    I saw a picture on Pinterest of someone who had printed out about 100 black and white 4x4s and hung them in a rectangle on a wall and it seemed like one Pinterest project that I can actually handle
  3. Arthur Memes
    My two favorite things: the animated children's show Arthur and terribly vulgar Twitter/Instagram humor (this one's very tame)
  4. Vic Mensa and Joey Purp
    Saw them last week and am still feeling that post concert depression; they're both so great (and part of the reason I want to move to Chicago postgrad)
  5. Bojack Horseman
    Literally started this last night and I don't know why I didn't start it earlier (I actually do know why— I was trying to start/finish Scrubs and Louis this summer and was feeling guilty for making it midway through both but I'm sorry ELIOT SUCKS)
  6. McSweeney's Lists
    Seems a bit Brutus to post the fact that I'm voraciously reading these lately but it's true!! Almost feels like the Li.st app is a democratic McSweeney's