1. Big thanks to Carolyn Parkhurst, my favorite client, favorite writer and favorite all-around human, for requesting this list.
  2. I saw Carolyn for dinner last week. At one point during the appetizer course she grabbed a fistful of my hair and viciously hate-whispered in my ear: "I'm your favorite client, right? RIGHT? Tell it to the world and *maybe* I'll let go before your entree arrives."
  3. But me making this list has nothing to do with that incident. She's my favorite!
  4. I also would have made this list for my favorite client even if she hadn't put me in a headlock during dessert and told me I could breathe again once I acknowledged I would reduce my commission rates for her and that I was fired unless I got Oprah Winfrey to come to dinner at her house this coming Valentine's Day. Without Gail.
  5. Carolyn--Oprah will be there but she said she won't come without Gail. (Please don't fire me.)
  6. I love that Carolyn's favorite Starbucks beverage is a grande latte with regular milk. A great choice! I bring one to her every time I see her. And *not* because she told me if I didn't that she would prove to me that she can kill someone very close to me with a pinch to the shoulder just like Mr. Spock.
  7. Did I mention that Carolyn Parkhurst is my favorite?
  8. (In all seriousness--read this woman's books if you haven't already. She is immensely creative and limitlessly talented and I adore her.)