1. I love working with talented people and the writers I work with are some of the most talented people I know.
  2. Imagine if your favorite authors in the world sent you their new novels the second they finished them. And then they wanted your input and to talk to you about them. That's the best part of my job!
  3. I get taken to lunch to a nice restaurant by an editor pretty much every day. So...free lunch is pretty freakin' sweet.
  4. Editors at publishing houses tend to be smart and witty people so these lunches are not only delicious but also lots of fun.
  5. While there are all different types of people in book publishing, we are all super nerds who love books more than anything in the world. Nerds unite!
  6. Your income as an agent is directly related to the success of your client list. I like the fairness of that. Especially because I have successful clients!
  7. Publishing is a very social industry. Everyone knows everyone. I dig that.
  8. Almost nothing beats reading your name in the acknowledgments section of one of your favorite books.