I'm gonna include shows that are still on but that I'm caught up on cause frankly it'll make for a longer list.
  1. Possibly my favorite show, I love it and am considering rewatching at least season 3 before season 4 drops in March.
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  2. My favorite comic book series, only been on for a season and a half so far but it blew me away.
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  3. Do I have to say anything about this? I own every season on DVD just in case Netflix takes it offline.
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  4. Vinny and the boys, I'm currently watching the show again because fuck it. Also I loved the movie.
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  5. I'm not a big fan of "case of the week" shows but I like House a lot, sure the last few seasons were pretty bad but overall, solid.
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  6. Another show that I watched quicker than I'd like to admit but I love Dexter a lot, so much so that I've started reading the books it's based on.
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  7. A wonderful show that I've now watched 3 times fully (it's only 25 episodes) that I can't get enough of.
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  8. Phenomenal superhero show
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  9. Another AMC show that I loved, the dialogue in this show was remarkable.
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  10. Solid show from Aziz Ansari which is surprising cause I'm not his biggest fan.
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