1. Jacket potato
    With butter, baked beans, a f*ck-ton of cheese, coleslaw and black pepper. Beans before cheese ALWAYS.
  2. Risotto primavera
    Leeks sautéed in olive oil, good white wine, risotto rice, vegetable or chicken stock, peas, asparagus and lots of parmigiana. Seasoned well. Finished with a huge spoon of butter.
  3. Pizza
    Domino's. Cheese and tomato. Stuffed crust. Dipped in garlic and herb sauce.
  4. Mum's vaghareli rotli
    Basically chapattis cooked in natural yogurt and spices. Heaven.
  5. Spaghetti
    Wholewheat, with homemade tomato sauce.
  6. Cheese sandwich
    White bread. Lots of butter. Cheddar. Mum's green chutney.
  7. Kachri bateta
    Literally translates to crisps and potatoes. Because double carbs is everything. A Kenyan dish: a very saucy and spicy potato curry, sev (Indian version of breadsticks, sort of), coconut chutney, and crushed ready salted crisps. Mix and apply to face. Heaven.
  8. Chip shop chips
    Not too bothered about the fish element. Chip shop chips are enough on their own. Dipped in mayonnaise or ketchup and served with mushy peas.
  9. Pitta bread and hummus
    No explanation necessary.
  10. Waffles and fried eggs
    Potato waffles covered with a fried egg. There is something poetic about the knife cutting through the egg and the runny yolk oozing over the potato.