1. Finding shit
    Like my wallet, my phone, keys, etc.
  2. Losing shit
    Like my wallet, my phone, keys, etc.
  3. Coming up with fake facts just to prove a point
    People usually believe me, it's great. Until they Google it.
  4. Untangling headphones
    I don't mean to gloat or anything, but damn I'm good.
  5. Getting my hair stuck in the hairdryer
    I always put it too close to my hair, thinking that it will make it dry faster, and out of nowhere, supported by no logic whatsoever, it's like the machine sucks my hair in.
  6. Debating
    Especially when discussing something I'm very passionate about, example gender equality. I've started to enjoy when people contradict my opinions just so I can burn their asses with rock-hard arguments.
  7. Looking like sex on a stick
    It's all in the hips.