I was in that autumn mood, felt this was suiting. Enjoy. I know, I should be a writer, shucks.
  1. Do you see the beautiful sunset ore the ocean blue
  2. Fiery colors due abound of poems there are few
  3. I wish that I could write one about that perfect hue
  4. But no poem can be written for you when nothing rhymes with orange
  5. ----------
  6. As pumkin season closes in, and Halloween is near
  7. I want to write a poem that describes these colors here
  8. Add a dash of carrots and send it to my dear
  9. But no poem can be written, I fear, when nothing rhymes with orange
  10. ----------
  11. How to describe a rabbits food, or perhaps a basketball?
  12. What can be said about the bricks within my garden wall?
  13. Who can be my savior, let me write about this fall
  14. When not a single thing at all can ever rhyme with orange?
  15. ----------
  16. And so possibly the hardest line that you will ever write
  17. The one to make you cringe, the one to keep you up at night
  18. I myself will suffocate if nothing rhymes with orange
  19. I better take a trip to Wales, and hike the mountain Blorange