Firstly, I really want to thank @bjnovak @dev for the opportunity they have given me to make a list about a list-app and share it with people who also like lists.
  1. Pro:
    I get to express my insanely peculiar thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged by anyone.
  2. Con:
    My friends and family are getting real annoyed with me as this app is mostly the only conversation topic I want to discuss.
  3. Pro:
    I love lists.
  4. Con:
    I constantly find myself having nightmares about lists.
  5. Pro:
    People are so goddamned nice here! This community is beyond amazing. Could qualify as my new safe-haven❤️
  6. Con:
    I'm losing sleep. And lots of it. It's really fucking with my zen.
  7. Pro:
    Another social media to follow @john on.
  8. Con:
    @john still won't give me love
  9. Pro:
    The humor fluttering around here is so similar to mine.
  10. Con:
    My humor sucks.
  11. Love you @list ❤️