1. "Does this angle make me look furry?"
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  2. "Cause I just don't care"
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  3. "Please remove this remarkably unflattering homo sapien off me"
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  4. "Yah, right there"
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  5. "Insane pole-dancing skills in 3, 2, 1"
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  6. "And that's when I found out, shape-changing? Not my thing"
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  7. No caption
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  8. "I'm what makes this a worm home"
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  9. "MOTHER%&*# YOU EARTHLING GIVE ME FOOD OR ELSE I'LL %&$#?@! $&"@ WHILE I $&@$**^%# AND %++%€¥++%*+#"
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  10. "Yes please, Sheba Chicken in sauce is fine"
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  11. "Excuse me while I try to take as much elbowroom possible"
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  12. Regardless her acute mood-swings, she is the best
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