I spent a whole lot of time making this for all you beautiful listers because I appreciate you all so much.
  1. Transportation (airplane)
    Firstly, when it comes to the plane ride, I truly do recommend just finding the cheapest ticket possible. Unless you're extremely posh about it, American Airlines is a really great option. The price on these tickets lie around 4,000-5,000 DKK, which is about $600-700. These tickets include 2 stops, so if you prefer direct flights, it's gonna cost you around $300 more. If you're on a budget, you want to make sure you spend as little possible on the actual flight.
  2. Transportation (in the city)
    Luckily, Copenhagen has an absolute fantastic public transportation system. The metros and the trains stop inside the airport and are both easily found once you've cleared customs. Taxis are expensive as shit, so I really recommend sticking to public. The metro will take you from the airport to central Copenhagen in only 20 minutes! Buses go around every 3-7 minutes and serve all hours. There are 2-4 minutes between each metrotrain, and it's in service 24/7. S trains run between 05:00-00:30.
  3. Where to stay
    At my place, obviously.
  4. But...
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    For those of you who prefer hotels, my favorite is "The Square", positioned in the city center at Rådhuspladsen. The rooms are amazing, the service is great and most importantly, it's at a reasonable price (around $200 a night). I'm also very fond of "First Hotel Kong Fredrik", which comes at an even lower price ($150 a night), and is just as great.
  5. Things to do there:
  6. Rent a bike!
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    I got my bike the second week I lived here, and to this day it is the dearest thing I own. Copenhagen is known for being incredibly flat, so you need not worry about reaching your destination drenched in sweat. Cyclists basically rule the streets, so it'll be to your advantage. As long as you have google maps at your savior if needed, getting around on a bike is the best advice I could possibly give you.
  7. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
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    If you're the artsy type, I can't recommend this museum highly enough. It's located about 40 km north of Copenhagen, and it has gained a reputation as a museum in touch with the zeitgeist of he contemporary art world. Admission is $15. It houses an exquisite collection of modern art from artists such as Francis Bacon, Max Ernst, Giacometti, Henry Moore, Picasso, Rauschenberg and Warhol. It's a congenial reflection of the interplay between art, architecture and landscape. I go there AOAP!
  8. Copenhagen Street Food
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    It is found by the so-called Paper Island, right next to the Science Museum, and is as great place to go to chill, experience and eat. Scents of all types of foods and cultures from the small colorful food trucks fill your nose, but the place - the raw halls in the maritime setting - has a distinct Copenhagen feel to it. Something raw, genuine and authentic. All food is made from scratch and a meal is around 50DKK ($7). Also a place for creative souls as there are often events in between meals.
  9. Drop Inn
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    I present to you: Drop Inn, located in the center of Copenhagen and has been a music venue for rock, soul and blues concerts since 1934. It's open till' 05:00 everyday except Sunday. The atmosphere in this place is incredible and the likelihood of you meeting new music virtuosos is exceedingly high. Prominent musicians play here all the time, and this place is known for the evocative relationship between the audience and the artists.
  10. Things to see there:
  11. The Little Mermaid
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    Of course, there is this one. The Little Mermaid can be found at the very tip of a long dock in Copenhagen more famously known as Nyhavn. Beautiful place, right by Kongens Nytorv (Ultimate Shopping Place). Incredibly famous statue, really worth seeing!
  12. Nyhavn
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    This one deserved an own bulletin as it is such a great place to go if you find yourself in Copenhagen. All along the harbor are amazing restaurants, sea-food or no, cute and small ice-cream shops and waffle-places. When it's sunny, tons of people can be found sitting on the edge of the dock surrounded by colorful buildings and happy folks. Such a great atmosphere!
  13. Mom with her bike
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    Clearly my mom is having no trouble adapting into my Copenhagen lifestyle. I knew there had to be a reason why she visited me so often, it obviously wasn't because she missed me. (Picture taken at Nyhavn)
  14. Alternative Christiania
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    Ready for something different? Freetown Christiania is a green and car-free neighbourhood in Copenhagen, best known for its autonomous inhabitants’ different way of life. It was established in 1971 by a few hippies who occupied some abandoned military barracks on the site and developed their own set of society rules, completely independent of the Danish government. It's a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature. So hip!!
  15. Where to eat:
  16. Nordic food
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    As Copenhagen is world famous for its gastronomy, I really recommend trying one of the New Nordic restaurants, for example Höst, Relæ or The Standard. Höst: Right by Nørreport St. (Train+Metro+Bus) // Relæ: Close to Nørrebro St. (Train+Bus) // The Standard: By Nyhavn! Easiest transportation is Metro to Kongens Nytorv (Kings New Square)
  17. Italian food
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    My favorite street for Italian cuisine is Falkoner Allé. The second you step out of the Frederiksberg C Metro-station, aromas of Italy hit you like a wave. There are so many different restaurants to choose from. I've been to about 20 of them and I adore them all. The food is beyond good, and the staff is almost always Italian, so you really get that feeling. I can't choose a favorite, but I do like a place called La Vita E Bella. Eating there lets you believe life IS beautiful.
  18. Asian food
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    In Copenhagen, you will find lots of Asian restaurants around the city. Try the Michelin-starred restaurant Kiin Kiin, the popular Vietnamese restaurant LêLê or experience the original Peranaken kitchen and Singapore's street kitchens - just indoors and in Vesterbro at Restaurant Nam Nam.
  19. Hopefully
    You enjoyed reading this list as much as I have enjoyed making it. I really want to hear from you guys if you find yourself in this wonderful city sometime!
  20. I would love suggestions
    On other things you would like me to include!
  21. Lots of love
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