1. Stand in the line at Victoria's Secret. With a giftcard
    I need new, sexy underwear. Donations are appreciated❤️
  2. Fold laundry
    Because even that is more exciting
  3. Clean my cats litterbox
  4. Burpees
  5. Chew tin foil
    Imagine it.
  6. Watch another story on ESPN about Johnny Manziel
  7. Get a root canal
  8. Go skinny dipping in Canada... In January
  9. Watch the Matrix
  10. Listen to my boyfriend explain the nuances of the Matrix
  11. Fall into a cactus from a skydive
  12. Eat kale
    Sorry vegans.
  13. Put boiling water on a sunburn
  14. Rub diced jalapeños in my eyes
  15. And then bathe in my tears
  16. Sleep on a bed of rusty butcherknives
  17. This got very extreme
  18. Oh hey, look, it's my turn