100% real, despite your doubt.
  1. "My daddy says that I don't have to wash myself until I have hair on my peepee"
    His response as I desperately tried to get the little one to wash his hands after using the bathroom.
  2. "But you can just sell the babies if you don't like them"
    After I had told him I wasn't planning on having children anytime soon.
  3. "Fuck"
  4. We had gotten some hamsters for the kids to play with, and this little girl came up to me asking if we could make crosses for the animals. As I was making them, she asked:
    Little girl: "Aren't those too small?" // Me: "What do you mean?" // Little girl: "Aren't we going to nail them to them?"
  5. "It's a monster. We should bury it"
    A 4 year old boy after his little brother at the age of 1 had eventually started in the same kindergarten.
  6. "I saw mommy drink daddy's pee"
    This is just..
  7. "My mamas silly. She has a beard on her gina"
  8. "I'm not supposed to play with myself in the public. I have to wait till I'm in my bedroom aaaaaall alone"
    After I asked him to go play by himself until I was done cleaning up the plates after lunch.