..if I had only videoed them!!
  1. Gerald's stay at the women's hospital in El Salvador after cracking his sinus cavity!
  2. Gerald deciding to dive at the last minute, after falling 30 feet in a lake volcano. Hence, cracking his sinus cavity😁
  3. Gerald brushing his teeth with Preparation H (same trip)
  4. Gerald running up and down the street like a real live video game, as we shot at him with the paint ball gun.
  5. Gerald busting his buns while trying out his new roller blades.
  6. Gerald literally cracking his tail bone, ice skating in Iowa.
  7. Gerald sitting with each butt cheek on a different chair after fracturing his tailbone!
  8. Me and Judah eating every morsel of the bitter herbs at Passover Seder dinner. We were starving!!!!