As I write this I have been living in Gaborone for 2 years and 2 months. I have 10 more months left on my sentence ....err...uh... assigment.
  1. 10 - No rain
    Someday the underground water is going to dry up and this country will need to be abandoned.
  2. 9 - Dangerous driving
    Usually in developing countries the issue is people driving to fast. Here the issue is people creating hazards by driving too slow.
  3. 8 - Nothing to do after work and on weekends
  4. 7 - Bad customer service
    My favorite example is the "basket of annoyances". You go to a restaurant, order food, and the waiter immediately brings over a basket full of condiments. Then, in the hour it takes to get your food, a steady stream of wait staff will come by your table and interrupt your conversation to ask if they can take one of the condiments in your basket.
  5. 6 - A severe lack of good Mexican food.
  6. 5 - Payday Fridays
    The last Friday of the month when most people get paid, go out and get hammered, and kill a pedestrian while driving home.
  7. 4 - Steers
    This is the only fast food burger place in town and it always takes more than half an hour to get your food. NOTE: not all Steers restaurants are this way, just the one in Gaborone.
  8. 3 - Crappy health care
    Don't ever get sick. If you are ever in a serious accident say your goodbyes, make peace with your maker, and prepare to die
  9. 2 - Botswana Telecommunications Corp. (BTC).
    The State owned Telephone utility makes my work life miserable. I HATE this company. These people couldn't be more incompetent.
  10. 1 - The Internet sucks
    Seriously sucks