On my one-way hour and a half commute
  1. The Tim Ferris show - it's only right I list this one first because @bjnovak was just on, which is where I learned about this fun app.
  2. The Fizzle Show - good show about small scale solopreneur tips and tactics, inspiration, and real world examples of small business advice
  3. The Joe Rogan experience - everyone listens to this. I like it too. It got me into MMA ( watching, not fighting), and also a bunch of other cool stuff.
  4. Radiolab - mostly awesome short stories that are well put together. this podcast also got me into some other cool ones like Invisibilia and Note to Self.
  5. The #askgaryvee show - I like Gary Vee for everything he talks about, except the Jets. I don't really give a shit about football. Other than tha, very entertaining and fun show.
  6. History on Fire - just got into this one but it's pretty dope.
  7. L