Tbh I will probably end up making these lists whether or not they are requested
  1. Cutest David Attenborough Pics
  2. Hottest David Attenborough Pics
  3. Definitive List of the 100 Best Animals of All Time
  4. Best Delusional Women in Movies that I've Seen and Remember Pretty Well
  5. Books I've Recommended to People that I Suspect They Did Not Enjoy
  6. Books People Have Recommended to Me That I Did Not Enjoy
  7. Books I Think Everyone Should Be Required to Read
  8. Ranking of the John Williams Scores
  9. Ineffective Ways to Stop Thinking About Mortality
  10. Calming Pictures of Birds
  11. All of the birds pictures on my phone and when I took them and and how my heart said hi
    Suggested by @alexpitz