These are the libraries I've used most regularly as I've moved over the years and someday I hope to give them all my money (intentionally, not in fines).
  1. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
    The biggest thing I remember about this library is that it was the first library I knew to install public computers (I'm sure it wasn't the actual first, but it's where small Rachel took note). It's probably the library my dad was most commonly using when I demanded to be taught to read. 💖
  2. Sewickley Public Library
    One of my most cherished places. I can see this library from my childhood bedroom window. No librarians will ever win my heart like Pat Smith, Susan Green, and even Rita Crawford have. Spent endless hours reading Star Wars Expanded Universe novels here; spent weeks feeling guilty about the romance novel I stole because I was ashamed to check it out. #1
  3. Ottendorfer Library
    Where I got my first NYPL card. Apparently this is NYC's first free public library! I always imagine Newsies cast members dancing around the fancy railings of the upper level here.
  4. Bobst Library
    Fuck this place. It's always the wrong temperature. I am grateful for my many life-saving midnight emergency bathroom stops here though.
  5. Epiphany Library
    I barely remember this place but I'm so happy it exists.
  6. Central Library, Dublin
    This is a library that is inside a shopping mall. It had no bookdrop for after hours returns, for which I will always be a little salty, but it was ultimately a lovely place.
  7. Hamilton Grange Library
    I was using this library during a period of my life in which I was mainly checking out DVDs. No complaints.
  8. Muhlenberg Library
    I definitely still had to leave work early to pick up my books at this branch. No regrets!
  9. Mulberry Street Library
    This is such a cute little branch - the floors go underground and you get no cell service and you actually get to feel the quiet energy a library should have. I was working a lot of mornings at a nearby restaurant and would come here smelling like omelettes and coffee while I browsed for way too long. Props to the bookdrop here too.
  10. Brooklyn Public Library - Central Library
    My first BPL card! A weird man in the elevator here told me to be careful (I was writing a paper on Vodou/Voodoo because I'm basic) because, "Voodoo is like marijuana - one puff, and you're hooked!" I did not get addicted to Voodoo but I did get addicted to staring at this beautiful building whenever I can.
  11. Windsor Terrace Library
    Shout out to Ruth Ann, who helped me renew my card and got really weirded out when I remembered her name a week later. A random lady here tried to get me to borrow "We Bought a Zoo" and "It's Complicated" before telling me about a famous person she's in AA with. She was nice but maybe doesn't understand AA. This place is great.