I have a lot of nice people in my family, but I also have several who believe awful things. This list is an attempt to motivate myself to stop checking in on them on facebook to see what shitty things they're saying.
  1. Brush up on the Constitution
    I feel like they're always talking about the Constitution, and I'd like to make sure I know a lot more about it than they do
  2. Brush up on US history in general
    This can never hurt
  3. Jogging
    To maintain a healthy heart rate and blood pressure
  4. Push-ups
    I dunno, this seems like something people do to channel their rage
  5. Vacuum
    My apartment gets very dusty
  6. Take banjo lessons
    And use them to play inspiring songs of inclusion and love at my next family reunion
  7. Pursue my dreams
    I guess