My mom is very excited to be back on facebook. I can tell because she has shared five videos in the past two days. I've tried to preserve the titles' capitalization and punctuation faithfully. Please enjoy getting to know my mom a little better, right here on The List App.
  1. When This Young Girl Started Singing 'Amazing Grace' I Got CHILLS. But When She Added THIS Song...
    The song she added was America the Beautiful. She has a pretty voice but this is not my bag (I much prefer a good Celtic Woman ditty).
  2. A whole lot of Motivation from the Military Mindset
    As far as I can tell, this is a bunch of clips of military folks doing drills intercut with clips of injured veterans and also a marine's son with cerebral palsy. I don't understand but I've also chosen not to watch the full video because (according to this video) there are only 86,400 seconds in a day.
  3. The Duke's words of wisdom
    Some guy on a horse has John Wayne also come out on a horse. They talk about John Wayne's kids and how he's going to teach his daughter to respect the military (especially because she can't serve). Most importantly, according to John Wayne, he's going to teach his daughter the Lord's Prayer.
  4. Their Hallelujah Cover Is Beautiful. But When Celine Dion Joins In, I Can't Stop Staring! WHOAH!
    I watched the shit out of this video because I will watch ANYTHING Celine Dion does. The Tenors sing Hallelujah. It's nice. It's like if Bachelorette contestants were singers. I skipped ahead to Celine because of the thing the military video said about how many seconds there are in a day. Honestly, they did not allocate enough volume to her mic.
  5. LOL!! Share this
    This is a fucking perfect video of a person and a dog sharing a hoodie so that it looks like the dog has human hands and is enjoying a sensible breakfast. This video was originally posted on Tyrese Gibson's page. Great video mom!!! Cc @dereksimonid4