Haha this is a sad list but you know what they🇺🇸👄 say just keep your chin up and work hard and it will all work out
  1. Today
    When I found out the scratch on our rental car is going to cost $800
  2. Yesterday
    When my student loan company called me to tell me... that I'd made a payment recently. Yeah, I know.
  3. The day before yesterday
    When I made my student loan payment. Only $18,000 to go!
  4. A few days ago
    When my bank called me to tell me that I've been paying my credit card bill like a day late for the past few months (I don't always remember in time). "Just keep paying it!" the friendly lady said. Yes lady, I understand.
  5. Like a week ago
    When I got my last paycheck.
  6. Probably like at least four more times
  7. ...per week