Odd Places to Stop on an American Cross-Country Roadtrip

You could stop at the world's largest ball of twine...or, you could go out of your way to the not so common stops.
  1. Foamhenge
    Natural Bridge, VA
  2. Dinosaur Land
    White Post, VA
  3. Cadillac Ranch
    Amarillo, TX-I visited here while I was in college in Lubbock and it's so much fun. Make sure to stop and grab some spray paint before you go!
  4. Cushing Brain Collection
    New Haven, CT
  5. World's Largest Pistachio
  6. Mothman Statue
    Point Pleasant, WV
  7. World's Largest Baseball Bat
    Louisville, KY
  8. World's Largest Ball of Stamps
    Boys Town, NE
  9. Corn Palace
    Mitchell, SD
  10. World's Largest Pig Hairball
    St. Benedict, OR
  11. Paul Bunyun Land
    Brainerd, MN
  12. Chatty Belle, World's Largest Talking Cow
    Neillsville, WI