1. Why don't I own more "end of the world" movies?
    It's my favorite genre but I only have about 5? I need to fix this.
  2. I don't even remember buying most of these
    How did Legally Blond and Mona Lisa Smile end up in here? Kate & Leopold? IDK 😮😮😮
  3. I wish my copy of Casablanca worked on the tv
    The sound only works in a laptop and the laptop I bought last year doesn't have a disk drive 😩
  4. I could just BUY a new copy of Casablanca
    But this one was a gift and I'd feel so guilty if I just threw it out. I'll just have to dig out my old laptop when I get the urge to watch it.
  5. My special edition collections of Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones are completely out of date now...
    Does this mean I have to buy new collections now??
  6. I'm so glad my best friend bought me numerous Chris Pine movies at the height of my crush.
    This face right?!
  7. I'm seriously lacking in the number of musicals I own
  8. I have a number of iTunes movies on my account but there's something about a physical disk that I love.
    I think it's like the difference between ebooks and physical books. I love both, but I'm so proud of my overstuffed personal home library.