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@wwjcd, not ordered
  1. Watching "Dinner for Schmucks" during a snow day
    That movie was bad but I think my mom made hot chocolate to warm
  2. Eating at victory and vehemently discussing how we deserve more from life
    that we know so many cool girls with incredible potential and understanding!! It's overwhelming!
  3. Playing the American Idol board game
    She's a brickhouse was a fav
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  1. "You know when you want to send a smiley face emoji but you accidentally send a winky face and it gets weird? Yea"
  2. "Why would you ever make a Instagram caption about anal probing?! Cmon girls!!"
  3. The words "sisters" and "bond" in excess
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In the car on the way to my brother's away game
  1. I love when Siri plays exactly what I want to hear
    Lonesome by Dr Dog followed by Not Afraid by Eminem
  2. I've got a little Eminem in me
    *fist bumps every time he says fuck*
  3. Not Afraid is my anthem. Call me Joseph Trotter Eminem Brasher
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these songs!!!!!! imho are just great, this list is weird as hell
  1. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae
  2. Check On It by Beyoncé
  3. Mahgeeta by My Morning Jacket
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not tryna be fake, actually trying to execute these goals
  1. 1.
    Floss more
  2. 2.
    Apologize less
  3. 3.
    Read more non-fiction
    Don't Instagram the fact that I read a new book
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we are still related
  1. Jovita Moore is beautiful
  2. When I'm dead and you're sad, listen to Nebraska by The Boss
  3. People need to stay in their lane
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  1. Mama by Raury
  2. Lyla by The Districts
  3. When The Stars Come Out by Chris Stapleton
    it's a country song, fight me
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inspired by @leilaregister
  1. "I'm looking up pictures of the US women's soccer players kissing their spouses"
  2. "It feels like I have earned under $3,000 my whole damn life"
  3. "She kinda freaks me out. What's her story"
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  1. Mom's Boyfriend in Miracle on 34th St
  2. The pesky teen at the beginning of the live action Grinch movie
  3. George's younger brother in It's A Wonderful Life
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  1. A baked potato skin from TGIFridays
  2. Some good ass raspberry sorbet
  3. A good ass salad with just enough dressing to lightly coat every leaf
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