In the car on the way to my brother's away game
  1. I love when Siri plays exactly what I want to hear
    Lonesome by Dr Dog followed by Not Afraid by Eminem
  2. I've got a little Eminem in me
    *fist bumps every time he says fuck*
  3. Not Afraid is my anthem. Call me Joseph Trotter Eminem Brasher
  4. What a person I am to have this mix of music on my iPod?
    *John Mayer plays followed my Mary J Blige*
  5. *comments so true at least once every song*
  6. This is my anthem
    This time referring to Where The Green Grows by Tim McGraw
  7. Listen to this Meredith listen closely to this one
    referring to Undone by Taylor Swift
  8. God bless America, God bless Georgia
  9. *harmonizes to multiple Taylor Swift somgs