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After divorce, one can take either road - bitterness or epiphany. It's so much harder to put in the time and energy to make the tough choices. Those who travel the long enduring shitty path may often reemerge from the dark side of the moon...as Unicorn.
  1. Gathering the club around a new unfortunate recruit.
    We have enough members, Divorce Club isn't recruiting on purpose!
  2. What the fuck, GOP?!
    Even Sleepy Carson or Creepy Cruz would have been better branding, guys. #drumpf
  3. Welcome to the club, Drew.
    You're very likely to become a rainbow-crapping, amazingly sparkly Unicorn.
  4. Memes suck. But rapists deserve them.
  5. On the red carpet with my squad, at my Unicorn Becoming Ceremony.