1. Color: Teal
  2. Band: Incubus is all-time favorite. The Lumineers is my favorite right now.
  3. TV Show: Seinfeld is the all-time favorite. House and Wayward Pines are the favorites right now.
  4. Movie: The Big Lebowski (another list to follow)
  5. Food: Monical's Pepperoni and Bacon pizza
  6. Beer: Summer Shandy in the Summer, Milk Stout Nitro every other time.
  7. Book: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (another list to follow)
    Some mind-blowing shit.
  8. Exercise: although I love leg day in general, squats are king.
  9. Actress: there really isn't an actress who if I see they're in the movie, that I have to jump to see it. I really like Emma Watson though, for reasons in addition to her acting.
  10. Actor: Tom Hardy