As a person who has been with her SO for 6 years, and have been long-distance for half of that time, I can provide insight. And I'm in a mood where I'm especially missing him, so here goes....
  1. Some days are a lot easier to keep oneself together than others.
  2. Distractions are key.
  3. It's very easy to predict when your best days are going to be.
  4. Sometimes you wish for an alternate reality where you can be with your SO.
  5. Getting to where you want to be isn't as easy as it seems.
  6. No one can really know what it's like unless they've been through it themselves, which can make the whole experience very lonely.
  7. Sometimes I feel disconnected from him, and I'm sure he feels the same way about me.
  8. It isn't for the faint of heart. And it requires a whole lot of trust.
  9. You learn what day it is by countdowns.
  10. It's very hard when the next time you see one another isn't planned ahead of time.
  11. Sometimes, one's family and friends downplay the significance of the relationship just because the person isn't physically there, and it is as annoying as it sounds.
  12. We have a different type of normal.
  13. To me, he comes first more than anything else.