1. My life
  2. My love life
  3. My thoughts about my life
  4. My alcohol tolerance
  5. People in my life who have good love lives
  6. People in my life who have good lives
  7. My perpetual state of envying someone
  8. Being happy for an hour and then being sad again
  9. Being sad for a bunch of hours after having had a happy hour
  10. When having a great job doesn't fix everything
  11. When having a good gpa doesn't fix everything
  12. When coming to terms with your sexuality doesn't fix everything
  13. When each thing you thought would fix everything doesn't fix everything
  14. Knowing I am awesome and loving myself a lot but not knowing what more I need to be doing to be happy
  15. Feeling like I'm doing it right but knowing based on how I'm feeling that I'm not doing everything right or that maybe I'm actually doing something wrong
  16. The fact that I'm drunk right now and it's a Tuesday night
  17. Just generally not being ok