Last week was a pretty good week and here are some reasons why
  1. Kissed a boy outside my house and then rushed inside to tell everyone in my house that I kissed a boy outside my house
  2. Hosted a pre game in my room for a major I'm not part of
    I live with a bunch of people studying social theory and they were planning to have a pre game for their major friends. They were hanging out in my room and their friends started coming through, and then I said I didn't mind it being in my space. It was kind of nice — for me, a person studying Plato — to hang out with a bunch of people studying Marx.
  3. Went to a pre game for a major I AM a part of
    For classics majors... It was called "Turn Up For Zeus"
  4. Got an essay back, slayed it
  5. Watched a whole lot of ASAPScience videos on YouTube
  6. Smoothed some things out with a friend with whom I was going through a rough patch
  7. Ate a lot of pizza
  8. Wore a lot of sweatpants
  9. Took a test that I didn't do as well on as I would have liked in the past but this time around I remembered that it is just school and it will be ok!
  10. Kissed that boy again a couple more times
  11. Probably had some pretty shitty times too, but this little exercise has allowed me to forget about them 🙃 because I truly can't remember any shitty time clearly enough to write it down