i made all of these btw
  1. Kaleidopope
    popes only
  2. SpritzR
  3. Dafodil
  4. ForestFireR
    kinda like Tinder but for people who ACTUALLY love arson & setting things ablaze
  5. Hello Im A Priest Who Wants To Get Married
  6. dEight
    ur only allowed to message/meet up with people in groups of 8
  7. Helix
  8. Winkler
  9. Coffee Grindr
    same as Grindr except u get a free starbucks giftcard whenever u open the app
  10. Pot of People
  11. Celleree
  12. iTunes Store
  13. Oyster X-Change
    yeah just what it sounds like. u send each other pictures of oysters (no real ones please) and then make things official if the oysters meet your standard.