1. Sex-Mix (collab with ©Chex Mix)
    you get a free pack of chex mix on every date
  2. EricTrumpR
  3. Loanly
    meet other twenty-somethings who have a mountain of student loans.
  4. Teavana
  5. KaleidoPope II
    STILL POPES ONLY, BUT NEW AND IMPROVED (now with updated abortion views)
  6. a-borscht-un
    every date, you get free borcht. and IF by some chance you get pregnant that night, you get another free meal of borcht
  7. Labia
  8. the fuck swamp
    its just an actual swamp where you can do whatever you want
  9. The Merry-Go-Round of Life
  10. The Comedy Cellar Online Dating App
    based on the new york city stand up comedy building. now you can meet big jay oakerson on the net!
  11. I Have No Hobbies, Only Glimpses Into The Void
  12. Hey, Does Anybody Have An IPhone 5 Charger Cable? I Have The Brick Part. I Just Need The Cable.
    say that and just see what happens