how do you pronounce "OMG"?

the eternal debate. is the G soft or is the G hard. lets discuss & resolve this issue.
  1. i usually say "oamg" with a hard g. it makes sense. "god" has a hard g.
    example: there were some devastating "oamgs" when the building exploded
  2. my best friend says "oamj" aka a soft g. he claims that the original creator of omg (jesus christ) pronounced it that way.
    example: our house was filled with "oamjs" last night when our television exploded
  3. my mailman told me he usually says "oamg". interesting. he didnt tell me why
  4. my son usually says "oamj" because its cooler to say in front of your friends
    example: frank, you are for sure going to OAMJ when you hear my new album. Actually never mind, my album exploded.
  5. oamg would you look at that. were out of time for this! the debate continues next!