1. 🎵 Our name is coldplay and were here to say, hope you enjoy the music and have a great day! 🎵
  2. 🎵 Will the real coldplay please stand-up? just kidding, that's a slim shady thing! 🎵
  3. 🎵 coldplay coming having fun out at the races. we love betting on horses and were great friends too! 🎵
  4. 🎵 c-o-l-d-p-l-a and a "y"! thats how you spell our name just incase you were wondering! 🎵
  5. 🎵 our fans are the best, they buy our music! coldplay coldplay yeah! 🎵
  6. 🎵 hotplay hotplay? that aint us. coldplay coldply? yep, thats us! 🎵