1. the bank
    nope! not going to do it.
  2. the beach
    sorry charlie. no beach tears for me!
  3. tgi fridays
    ok no, i dont want to cry there either.
  4. on the train
    do i have to? id really prefer not.
  5. yankee stadium
    why are you so insistent on this?! i dont want to cry there too, especially in front of all those fun ball players
  6. w 34 St. between 8th and 9th Avenue
    ok i dont understand why you want me to cry so badly. would it make you happy to see me in pain? plus, that area is full of construction right now. i dont want to cry there
  7. this uber
    right now? no. im not going to do that. listen, is this about me or is it about you? is everything ok?
  8. this uber
    you feel inadequate because you failed out of school and have nothing to make of yourself at age 32? im sorry. that can't be easy to deal with, but im not going to cry for you
  9. this uber
    i said no
  10. im sorry
    that's alright. are those— are you crying?
  11. maybe
    do you need a place to cry?
  12. yes
    where would you like to cry?
  13. your shoulder
    there there.