these are the rewards if you donate to my kickstarter

  1. $1
    ill fuckin write u a letter
  2. $2
    ill fuckin bake u a goddamn quiche and fuckin send it to your goddamn house
  3. $5
    ill fuckin send u a video on your fuckin birthday of me singing u happy goddamn birthday
  4. $10
    ill fuckin eat something that i dont want to
  5. $20
    ill fuckin mail u a horse
  6. $50
    ill fuckin rename my son but no choosing "fuckstick" this time ok
  7. $100
    ill fuckin talk a person off the ledge of ur choosing
  8. $200
    ill fuckin make a citizens arrest the next time i see someone litter
  9. $500
    ill fuckin do all those rewards and ill also follow u on instagram