1. my keys
    dammit i locked myself out 😵
  2. my wallet
    crap how am i gonna buy food now
  3. my phone
    welp. im really fucked now. how the hell am i supposed to call ticketmaster to have them change the email on my account? i have a bunch of those free vouchers so i cant start a new account but i no longer have access to my old email
  4. my cigarettes!!!
  5. my headphones
    guess i wont be listening to music 😞
  6. my lighter
    how tf am i gonna smoke my cigarettes
  7. right, i forgot my cigarettes!
  8. foot
    am i really gonna have to walk with 1 foot?
  9. my tshirt that says "smoking is coooool"
    if im not wearing it, how the hell am i gonna puff those cigs
  10. cigarettes
    sry. ugh keep doing this
  11. torso
    left my dang torso on the kitchen table
  12. the blood
    fuckin left all my blood too
  13. hat that says "you want a smoke? sorry pal. these are all mine"
    seriously how the hell...
  14. cigars
    haha u thought i was going to say cigarettes but i actually remembered to pack those 😏
  15. cigarettes
    no sorry i forgot them
  16. hey jude is a great great song
    whoa, totally forgot.