1. remembering to close parenthesis
  2. resisting the urge to peel the entire banana
    ive been told by multiple people that "its weird how you're holding the full naked banana without any peel on the bottom"
  3. navigating the subway while talking to another person
  4. i fell asleep during "Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" in theaters
    im not exactly sure what my flaw is here, but im sure there is one.
  5. waking up with an alarm
  6. explaining my colorblindness to people
    ive been colorblind for years, and when asked what colors i cant see, my response is still "im not totally sure"
  7. making eye contact with people while im talking to them
  8. only eating 1 yogurt per day
    i usually end up eating 2. i love yogurt.
  9. remembering to use the buttons on my earbuds to control the volume
    im instinctively still reaching into my pocket and using the knobs on my phone
  10. feeling confident on a dance floor
  11. being quiet when walking up or down stairs
    im a natural stomper & have been yelled at by at least 5 people for being too loud
  12. flipping things in a frying pan
  13. not being scared when im about to flip something in a frying pan