what if these were sports

theyre not...but what if they were
  1. run to the lake
  2. catch the bird
  3. hide and go squeek
  4. im not a dinosaur, you are!!!
  5. friends on the loose
  6. how dare you make me smile!!!!
  7. throw up into the shell
  8. whose pretzels ARE these?
  9. hands without fingers
  10. hide and go squeek
  11. everyone give me your credit cards please
  12. pull as many plants out of the ground as you can in 2 minutes
  13. breed dogs for cash
  14. light my tuxedo on fire asap
  15. hide and go squeek
  16. throw the glass
  17. say your favorite bug
  18. guess how many eggs ive eaten this year
  19. salad dressing is a waste
  20. tell me why youre throwing up
  21. these hands massaging me are so bony it MUST be a skeleton