I was asked what my top 5 sneakers of 2015 were, and I figured I'd create one dedicated specifically to the waffle sole.
  1. Vault x Blends "White Christmas" Sk8-Hi Reissue Zip LX - The latest and cleanest rendition of the highly sought after Blends "Bones" shoes were released as a surprise drop, with no prior public knowledge, and no official release info, that went viral amongst the Vans collectors.
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  2. Vault x Sole Classics "A-8SC" Sk8-Hi Reissue Zip LX - This was Sole Classics second collaboration with Vault by Vans, and this shoe might be contender for the best Vans shoe of the year. Themed after Ohio's history with space exploration, the design looked like an early model spacesuit, complete with a nylon white upper.
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  3. Vans x Pabst Blue Ribbon Sk8-Mid "PBR Vans 2.0" - This was PBR's second Vans collaboration, once again being offered through various promotional giveaways, including spending $150 on their webstore, then at checkout you got to add a free pair to your cart, thus securing a pair at the expense of a few random PBR goodies.
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  4. Vans x All Nations Skate Jam "2015" Sk8-Hi "Sunrise" - The All Nations Skate Jam Vans just seem to get better each year, and for 2015, they brought out two separate Pendleton blanket designs, but with the light grey nubuck suede, and eye-popping red, orange, and blue patterns, the Sunrise colorway was the clear winner in my eyes.
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  5. Vans Syndicate x Wtaps Authentic "S" "Yellow Wings" - This was the year of the retro for Vans Syndicate, with a special campaign that showcased some of the best releases over the past 10 years, leading up to arguably the most hyped up Vans Syndicate shoe, the Wtaps "wing" Authentic "S". This color paid homage to the elusive 003 "goldenrod" model.
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