Hopped up out the bed... HOLD UP:

Several things to consider before turnin on the swag and facin the mirror, to the tune of Yoncé's latest Soulja Boi inspired "Hold Up". Not to be confused with K.Dot's "Hol Up". Not to be confused with "Kendrick Lamar" you butterfly-pimpin newbies might now know him by... Just dig in
  1. Dig for gold
    There's always one nostril that decides it'll join us after breakfast. That nostril is both an idiot and selfish.
  2. Stretch 2-3-4
    Don't watch me watch the duck... in this case the cat. Or don't and enjoy dying by drowning in the shower by cramping and falling because while 30's the new 20, working out somehow means your glutes believe 27's the new corpse.
  3. Meditate orrr
    😳Or whatever she's doin... What is she doin? HOLY $hit I've gotta step my meditation game up...(WAIT WAIT - I had somethin for this)... LEVITATE my meditat-in game up. Eh needs work
  4. Brush Yo Teeth
    Optional if you're British (apparently). Word to Little Simz
  5. A push-up
    One a day's good enough... don't be an overachiever
  6. FINALLY... find a mirror
    At this point the auto-start function on ya swag should be lit. If you gotta "turn it on" did you have it in the 1st place? 🤔Holla