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  1. Buying and selling mass quantities of cattle
  2. Canine speech pathologist
  3. Non profit that gives homeless people popcorn that wasn't purchased at movie theaters
  4. Door to door chainsaw salesman
  1. Red Bull Bread Bowl
    Fresh baked whole wheat bread bowl filled with 12oz Red Bull. Comes with saltine crackers.
    Suggested by   @wall
2016 will be host to an interesting academy awards with these xxx takes on the films
  1. The Big Short
    Living as a midget, Rusty has spent his entire life coming up short. But when his bigger than average penis is discovered the local women develop a BIG desire for rusty.
  2. Bridge of Pies
    With only one way in and out of town. An evil toll worker only allows travelers to move along after a good old fashion cream pie.
  3. Brooklyn
    When an Irish immigrant realizes it's tough to make ends meet. She takes on the name Brooklyn and begins selling her body to stay afloat in the tough American economy.
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  1. Holly