Does not matter what political party you favor your vote does count. If you don't vote you can't complain your voice isn't being heard. Your vote says a lot. Change doesn't happen over night. Like everything in life its a process. Vote 2016!!
  1. This year we decide if our country has gotten better, worse, or simply stagnant. .
    Will a fiscal conservative improve the economy? Will a democrat help improve services for our people to help our economy ?
  2. The next 4 years are crucial for our place in the world. Are we gonna continue to meddle in affairs that offer no benefit to our citizens or are we going to take care of business at home?
  3. Do want to know that your on the winning team? Or would you rather wait n see if you can manage with whomever wins?
  4. If your vote was one of the votes that could of been the deciding vote in an election, don't you think the excitement in knowing your vote truly mattered on a bigger scale is important ?
  5. When else can you take a day off from work and help change the world without anyone knowing it was you?
    Think of it like you would in a