Working for NBC Sunday Night Football I've been able to see a whole host of stadiums. Here are my top ones.
  1. Lambeau Field.
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    Such a different experience. The whole town revolves around the team. You can feel the football gods there.
  2. AT&T Stadium - Jerry World
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    The ultimate fan experience. The food is incredible. The Jumbotron is insane and if you're lucky enough there are suites underneath you can watch the game from and see your team come in and out of the locker room.
  3. Century Link Field
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    I'm a little biased being a Seahawks fan but the location is excellent being right downtown and there's so much to do. It is the loudest NFL stadium and going for that is an experience in itself.
  4. Sports Authority Field
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    Denver is such a great city. You can stay downtown and the stadium is close by. The fans are wild and it's a fun place to watch a game.
  5. Heinz Field
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    The Steelers have such a rich tradition which makes going to a game here so fun. The fans are passionate and seeing the terrible towels waving is quite a sight. Being close to downtown as well there's plenty of things do to in the area.